Entice Energy

We combine simple tariffs with energy-free customer service to make your energy supply cheaper and easier to manage.

Smaller Supplier, Bigger Savings
Energy-Free Customer Services
Energy-Free Customer Services
Energy-Free Customer Services
It’s Just Easier!

Millions of people across the UK are starting to realise that sometimes size does matter.
When it comes to energy suppliers, smaller really can be better – but it’s also important to remember that not all small suppliers are created equal.

We’re a new gas and electricity supplier based in Mansfield but supplying energy to homes across the country and whilst we might be small, we offer simple tariffs that allow you to make big savings on the cost of your energy bill.

Say hello to energy-free customer services. We thought that if we’re going to simplify your energy tariff, we should probably do something about the customer services too.

Our approach to customer services was born out of the frustration that it’s just too damn difficult to talk to someone who understands your problem.

At Entice Energy, we don’t have a call centre. Instead, you use our friendly messaging system to get in touch.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, just open up our diary and book an appointment for us to call you at a convenient time. That means no more waiting on hold, and no calls when you’re rushing around the supermarket.

You can even speak to the same advisor whenever you need help. If you spoke to a particularly helpful young man via email, you can choose to speak to the same young man today.

And guess what? He’ll have already investigated your account before he calls you. In many cases, he’ll simply call to tell you the problem has been fixed. What a guy!

Most importantly, we’re human, we’re helpful and we’re there when you need us. Not sure how to read your meter? Just send us a photo of the meter and we’ll do the rest.

To find out more about how we can reduce the cost of your energy bill while making sub-standard service a thing of the past, please get a quote and switch to Entice Energy today.

“I saved over £150 when I switched to entice energy. Switch was smooth and they kept me updated throughout. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I love the fact that I can speak to the same person every time.”
John from Birmingham
“I'd recommend entice energy to anyone. They are very cheap but also really helpful whenever i've contacted them. ”
Julie from Nottingham
“I love the fact I don't have to sit on hold to speak to somebody. Just choose my account manager and tell them when to call me, its different and maybe not for everyone but suits me and my life and I love it. Saved nearly £160 a year by switching as well. Thanks”
Liz from Derby