Using energy efficiently

There are lots of things you can do to be more efficient and reduce your energy bill. We’ve included some simple tips for you below and if you’d like to find out more then further information can be found on the Energy Saving Trust Website.

In the shower!

If you’ve got a shower that takes hot water straight from your boiler or hot water tank (rather than an electric shower), consider fitting a water efficient shower head. This will reduce your hot water usage while retaining the sensation of a powerful shower. Taking a slightly shorter shower or having less water in the bath will also reduce your gas bill.

In the kitchen!

For those who cook using gas, you can easily reduce your gas bill by simply boiling less water in your pans, you do not need to use a cauldron of water to boil an egg! Using lids on pans when cooking retains the heat and means you use less gas for the same boiling time. If you have a gas oven then in some cases you could turn the oven off for the last ten minutes of cooking and in most cases it will retain plenty of heat to finish cooking the food.

Control your heating!

By far the biggest use of most people’s gas is their central heating. Installing a room thermostat, a programmer and thermostatic radiator valves could dramatically reduce your gas bill if you are using these controls efficiently.

Get smart with your heating!

In this smart age there are numerous apps and gadgets that allow you to control your heating to incredible detail and from wherever you are. For example, there are products and apps that track your mobile phone and will turn your heating on when you are on your way home; if you are running late from work you’re heating will wait for you!

Free your radiators!

Radiator covers, sofas in front of radiators and even curtains that run in front of your radiators will block the heat being given off and reduce their efficiency. Freeing up your radiators and giving them room to breathe will ensure that you make the most of the energy being used in your home, all the while keeping you toasty in winter.

Insulate your home

Installing double glazing, loft insulation and insulating pipes and boilers to reduce heat loss can be expensive but often these projects pay for themselves in the long run. More affordable insulation projects include:

  • Repairing and filling draughty holes
  • Putting up thick curtains over draughty windows and doors
  • Closing doors and windows to keep the heat in